Ways That Gun Ownership Empowers Women

While gun ownership and shooting activities have largely been seen as a “masculine activity” in American society, the truth is that an increasing number of women are owning guns in the U.S. and are understanding how doing so improves their safety and capabilities. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why it can be empowering for women to own guns according to Gear Patriot.


While women have historically been referred to as the “weaker” sex, as time has passed, society has found that this assumption is untrue. Since shooting guns is considered to be a “masculine” activity due to the dangers involved, women are assumed to be physically inferior, and are prevented from demonstrating their capabilities due to these assumptions. Additionally, this assumption unfortunately leads to more attacks on women as well. Women cannot defend themselves when they restrain from firearm self-defense training due to these anti-feminist beliefs, which puts them in more danger. Practicing firearm self-defense training not only increases women’s safety, but also improves their abilities to handle physically and mentally challenging situations at the same level as men.

Following this, women have the capability to shoot guns with more accuracy than men. The reason is because women have better fine motor skills than men, take in more information easier than men, and are very adept at multitasking. Women therefore already possess a lot of the skills necessary to shoot well before they even begin training, so they have the potential to shoot just as well, if not better, than men.

Additionally, shooting guns would enable more women to change the face of the “feminine” image. For example, women who may enjoy dressing up, wearing pink, and conducting themselves in a traditionally “softer” looking way can still continue behave in this fashion while shooting guns and handling traditionally more “masculine” activities, which breaks barriers of what is “masculine” and “feminine” and creates more equality between the sexes. Ideas of “toughness” and “softness’ would be challenged and would be assigned to person of a particular gender or character quality. Following this, shooting guns would serve as a great bonding activity between men and women that would enable both genders to appreciate each other for their shared interests and talents, and would build confidence for all parties involved.

Finally, in this day and age, it is believed that women need equal rights, including the right to bear arms. Whenever a woman is told she “shouldn’t” shoot guns or that it is a “man’s” sport, her rights are being infringed upon, as are her safety and freedoms. The right to bear arms is reserved for every American regardless of his or her background, and needs to continue to be exercised under the Constitution of the United States.

Firearm training can empower women because it enables women to defend themselves, allows them to evolve their self-image, builds confidence, grows friendships, and gives them the ability to exercise their equal constitutional rights.